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4 Girl and her destiny

Saints - Gene Luen Yang

Saints by Gene Luen Yang is about this Chinese girl that was call "four girl" and how her grandfather never liked her especially right after she accidentally broke a Chinese god sculpture. After that she was called a "devil" and because of that she started to make weird faces. Then she was sent to see a doctor and after a while she found out he was a "devil". Years past and "four girl" decide to be with the "devil" doctor and end up in this village filled with "devils". She later found out that the "devils" were actually Christians. And since their was a lot of christian in china their was war. Before the war she was giving the name Vivian and she end up dying being christian and believing in god.


This connects  to some parts of the world because a lot of people believe in things that others don't believe in. And because of that many people die for believe in things. That is kind of effecting a lot of people because it's basically saying that you shouldn't believe in something that others can't believe in and if you do believe in something you would get hurt.


I would recommend this book to people who like graphic novels or "comic books". This book is actually a good book to read and anyone who likes reading would enjoy it. Also if your into non-fiction books that would also be good for them. But no matter what this book is very interesting and fun to read.